Alcatel Freud anti-Serious Madrid speech

Spanish Football League first 26 of your battle in the Bernabeu Stadium, the main objective of competition, Karim Benzema scored twice , Dimaliya and MarceRonaldo are mass shooting accomplishment. Real Madrid in your own home in 2010, unbeaten 20, including 13 league game winning streak. But the standings continue to be 7 points behind Barcelona. After the match, the Spanish newspaper "Le Monde" wrote columnist Alcatel Freud, entitled "Real Madrid's seven goals real" column, he argued, the newest "anti-Real Madrid speech" and is Football Shirt due to La Liga race criticism and complaining, ironically Pellegrini and Mourinho criticized with the media was defense. Full translation can be as follows:

I am not really a hypocrite, I am a journalist, I saw Real Madrid Manuel Pellegrini's team scored 7 goals. Yes, huge difference in strength between your two teams, but not Mourinho Pellegrini coached in Malaga to get a reason. This is life, this is football. It was nothing, because everyone in the place of his that we are human la liga kits only. However, "Malaga incident" shows once again that anti-Real Madrid to the Spanish words have infiltrated many levels of society.

In 1980, exactly the same Real Madrid conquer Sporting Gijon, the hate is these folks; when 10 years ago, when Real Madrid away against Osasuna, Real Madrid goalkeeper cloth to throw things throughout the same people. At that time, Jose Mourinho was still being in school to varsity, but the club has being jealous, because some people believe Real Madrid can be a representative of centralism, representative government, which represents the backward values. For these individuals, local self-government is a symbol real madrid shirts of progress and modernization, Madrid ensures that France and many types of the evil imaginable. Until now, this idea still exists. Since then, Real Madrid were associated with their doctrine with Franco. However, lies can exist previously, nonetheless it will not likely last forever. Mourinho is clearly not the cause of the spread of these lies.

The face of power is not the same degree of Malaga, Real Madrid played very relaxed. Huge gap involving the two teams have more reasons people called for any European League. Malaga team should take part in the same level, while Real Madrid and Manchester United will be Barcelona or Inter Milan team that compete for honors. Portuguese C Ronaldo staged a "hat trick", that can allow people who believe his anxiety a minimum of 72 hours to seal up. Benzema has scored two goals, but those short-sighted men and women still always call off him.

Real Madrid easily beat his opponent, the more the task ahead. Real Madrid but no-one can deny the enjoyment in the joy of 7 to 0 victory, no-one can deny that Real Madrid players come in decent competition. Of course, we also pay Ronaldo Shirt tribute click here to Mourinho applauded because he speak a great deal of facts. If Mourinho's brother is a bit more than Real Madrid player's agent, who claimed to become an "independent media" of newspapers, magazines, tv and radio stations is going to be a serious problem.

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